Press release

On June 10th, 2007 a milestone event in the artistic life of the capital of Ukraine took place in the National Palace “Ukraina” - a concert of the prominent German musician and singer Christopher von Deylen (Schiller) and the most famous Ukrainian orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand".
The concert, which is a part of a long - term creative project of the band entitled “Music world stars visit “Alex Fokin RadioBand”, went off with the assistance of “Goethe Institute in Ukraine”.
Ambitious show-projects of Christopher von Deylen (“Schiller” frontman) gather stadiums of many thousands, and all the latest albums of “Schiller” are on the top of all world charts. Not only was he many times nominated for the “Golden Disc” award, he also collaborated with the leading European TV channels  like ARTE, ZDF, and RTL, and wrote soundtracks for famous films - «Gate to Heaven» and Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal”.
Schiller performs its music with many famous world musicians, like Sarah Brightman, Mike Oldfield, Kim Sanders, Peter Heppner, Tarja Turunen (“Nightwish”), Moya Brennan (“Clannad”). Christopher von Deylen created a famous remix for the single “Ohne Dich” in collaboration with the famous German rockband “Rammstein”.
The latest albums of the band “Leben” and “Tag und Nacht” are recognized by the press as the most commercially successful projects of the modern European show  business. 
Performances of the “Schiller” are always bright shows, which combine the extravaganza of sound, rhythm and light, as well as the latest achievements of computer technologies. Christopher von Deylen is one of the first artists, who used “Surround” audioeffect in his concerts.
It’s hard to believe it but this 41-year-old man worked his way up from a ordinary boy from a poor family to one of the most famous European performers. Together with his father he travelled from London to China on an old British “Daimler”. This journey inspired him to record an album “Weltreise”. This album was on the top of all world charts during 2001. The song “Dream of You” with Peter Heppner became the most famous single of a “Schiller” band, and Heppner became a permanent participant of all tours of the band.
During the interview with the “Golden Disc” award winner, journalists of the leading German channels were surprised by the attic of Hamburg flat, where the world famous album was created.
For the past 6 years everything has changed in Christopher’s life. Today “Schiller” is an embodiment of “European dream” and the best known European musical project.
Along with Christopher von Deylen, Kyiv was also visited by a famous singer Kim Sanders, who is a permanent participant of concert tours of the band since 2001. Famous keyboard player Christian Kretchmer will also perform on the stage with Christopher.
Kim Sanders
An Afro-American singer and songwriter who is popular in Europe and America. Recently she became a permanent participant of the show-projects of «Schiller» band. In 2003 her solo album «Pretty On Edge» was released. Kim Sanders performs her solo projects, writes music and songs for numerous famous musicians.