Jazzychnyk is a semi-mythological character, a man out of time and space. He is a researcher of origins and root causes, and an eternal traveler in time. He has been a witness to countless moments in the past, including some events at the time of Kyiv Rus, here, on the lands of present-day Ukraine. He knows a lot, but not everything.

In our century, Jazzychnyk appears the first time. He meets Dzyga here - a girl who introduces him to an unknown phenomenon - Jazz. And Music becomes the language that helps them express their feelings. They communicate through songs using different languages - from the Old Ukrainian to the modern Bronx slang.

Dzyga opens to Jazzychnyk (it is she who gives him that name) an incredible world of Jazz with the help of her friends, musicians of the orchestra "Alex Fokin RadioBand" arranging a terrific music show featuring jazz masterpieces.

The authors of this performance strive to deliver a powerful message:

This Project emerged as a kind of artistic response from the authors to the numerous challenges of the twenty-first century. The authors believe that several recent decades have highlighted many problems of humanity - new generations have lost the clear national identity, total spiritual impoverishment, diminished cultural potential, conscious choice of purely real-life goals.

But this is not the first time in the History of humanity.

Therefore, in these times, people who serve the common good was the norm of life became more active. During these times, the great word and bright image, exquisite melody and harmony laid bridges over the dark years, brought people back to the high, to the light.

Creators of the musical believe that the New Age of Enlightenment must inevitably occur in Ukraine and all over the world soon.

Therefore, this project combines the social and artistic components - through Music and Word - to bring to the new generations the incomparable beauty of the creations of the past - the aging pearls of world Jazz, which must be heard and felt as the pulse of the present by all modern indifferent people.

After all, Music is a universal code of communication, the only invention of the Universe that can bring together humanity divided by different cultures and languages...

The main message: the land of the former Kyiv Rus, as the sunken Atlantis, has been waiting for its Renaissance for a thousand years. Unfortunately, we forgot the energy, philosophy, and knowledge of those incredible times. But the White Noise of History, and the endless pursuit of material goods, battles, and euphoria, do not stand a chance.

But times are changing. Everything will be Jazz.


Authors and participants:

Myk Brovchenko - versification, script

Alex Fokin - music, arrangement

Alex Fokin RadioBand - musical accompaniment

Serge Tiagniryadno - Jazzychnyk 


Find more information about the musical and listen to music:  https://jazzychnyk.com/