22nd March 2010, at the rehearsal base of the "RadioBand" in Kiev, there was held the casting for the leading roles in the film "Jazzman".
The casting director was Alexander Fokin, while from Moscow came the legendary screenwriter of both parts of the film Alexander Borodyansky. The authors set themselves quite complex task: to find for the role of the protagonist not an actor, but a virtuoso saxophonist. First of all, the jazzman has to play perfect! To do this, there was invited the “Jazz Fabrique” band` s leader Artem Zhulyev, well-known saxophonists from Moscow, - Nikolay Moiseenko and Dmitry Mospan, from Piter – "Sonka – a gold pen" - Anastasiya Mikulchina, there were also two girls from Kiev who applied for the leading heroine` s part: Anastasiya Mytrazhyk, -The ”Black Square” theatre actress, and Anna Artemenko, - the Lesya Ukrainka theatre actress. There has already been arranged the casting for the leading heroine`s part the last year (about 70 actresses gathered from all over Ukraine), and as a result, two girls from Kiev got into the final of the casting.
On one side, it seems to be simple to play in the musical film, but on the other side – more complicated. After all, the music itself draws the audience into its act and puts them in a state that helps to convey the idea, feelings, story lines.
It is very essential for the artist not only being able to feel the role, scene, mood, moment, but also being able to convey the sense out of it. Not deliberately, but as natural as possible, so that the audience forgot about directing, camera, and immersed with the hero in the act. It is very important not to be false in the musical film, to be "in tune".
The talented musical performance must be consistent with similar acting. That is why so much attention is being paid to the screen test: to determine the reliable team that will embody the main idea of the film. Anastasiya Mikulchina really likes the idea of the film: "I have recently given up on three scenarios, as they really are at a disadvantage comparing to the "Jazzman". It also attracted the attention with the fact there is no fighting, murder, gory stories… It has Music and City. And many urban landscapes, as opposed to modern films, where everything is a continuous commercial. As well as the role of a simple ordinary good girl - this is vital movie!"
Artem Zhulyev (as one would expect from a professional musician) noted the following about the “Alex Fokin RadioBand” mutual jam-session: "I have never expected to hear the band of such level and was truly impressed!"
Times change, and jazz, as before, captivates the souls of men, changes fates. Quite different generations - one jazz.
As a result of the casting, Alexander Fokin approved Anastasiya Mikulchina for the role of the leading heroine – Evgeniya, Artem Zhulyev- for the protagonist role of James Iven, Nikolay Moiseenko- for the role of the orchestra`s saxophonist Oleg, Roman Korzhev – for the role of the taxi driver in Kiev- Taras, Igor Zorov – for the role of Steve Boyk.
The author of the article: Katerina Mikityuk
Final casting of “Jazzman” conducted in Kiev.
For this occasion from Moscow were invited author of both parts of script – Alexander Borodyanskiy, young but already known actress with Ukrainian past – Katerina Shpitsa and American saxophonist and singer from Atlanta Rudy Vaughn. According to casting results main woman role of Eugenia goes to Katerina Shpitsa, leading man role of James Iven given to Rudy Vaughn. Other actors cast is without changes: orchestras saxophonist Oleg will be Nikolay Moiseenko, Kiev taxi driver Taras will be Roman Korzhev, and Igor Zorow will be Steev Boyko.
Photos of the actors:
Katerina Shpitsa - on the role of the protagonist Eugenia
Rudy Vaughn - the main actor James Evan
Nikolay Moiseenko - on the role of the orchestra saxophonist Oleg
Igor Zorov - on the role of Steve Boyko