The curriculum Sound Producing

Educational certificate program "Sound Producing" of the dual form of education as a collaborative project with the National Technical University of Ukraine

"Alex Fokin RadioBand" together with the Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems of the Faculty of Electronics of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute founded a new educational curriculum "Sound Producing".

Unique for Ukraine and Europe, the educational program plans to produce high-level specialists in the field of producing music projects of any complexity and direction.

Sound producing as a subject of study is necessary for the development of opportunities to generate new ideas in the direct creation of modern audio products in order to constantly replenish the cultural and intellectual heritage of the nation.

The goal of educating is a training of highly qualified specialists who will receive special theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and abilities that will allow feeling free in ultra-complex processes of creating audio products at the junction of creative and technical components, to learn to "hear" beforehand the sound model of future creative product and to be able to embody it in real sound by the consistent using of complex technological steps of sound processing. The initial and final factors must coincide with each other "in the exit". Only then the task set before the audio producer can be considered complete.

The result of training should be the ability to generate independently or together with the customer to develop a sound model of the finished product, select creative and technical performers, organize the process of audio recording and further processing and mixing of recorded material to the finished product.

The training takes place in a specially equipped studio on the material and technical base of the "Alex Fokin RadioBand" orchestra.

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