About project

The "Jazzman" comes to appear a sequel of one of the most successful musical film projects about jazz in Russia – "We are from jazz", which was shot in "Mosfilm" production studio in 1984.
However new film continues the story of main character's descendants of the first film the pianist Konstantin Ivanov, but this one will be international.
The genre of the film is a musical melodrama with elements of comedy and with gala-concert in the final.
The film itself tells the story of a young man, James Iven, graduated from prestigious American University in Chicago who is a grandson of famous Russian jazz pianist Konstantin Ivanov. A long time ago Konstantin’s son Yuriy (now George) due to insecurity and uselessness in Russia was forced to immigrate to the USA. There he was fortunate “regain his footing” and launched profitable and prestigious family business. Now George and his family are citizens of America and in his new life he does every effort to erase his past life, to get totally American and even forget the time of juvenility when he seriously interested in jazz music. That is why he tries to impede his son to play jazz. His deepest desire is to see his son as an authoritative person through the family business and who became a politician and some day even a senator or governor. Thus, the way of the son is defined by his father: a family business where son obliged to start working after graduation from the University.
But there is a problem father doesn’t suspect yet. James' heart belongs to music for quite a long time and more than the world he would like to play it on his saxophone…