About project

Alex Fokin RadioBand performs in various music styles and successfully uses different music languages but the main language is jazz and so-called "like jazz".
Alex Fokin had an idea to invite for cooperation with RadioBand famous musicians. He understood that beginning such TV show needs a name which is indisputable in world jazz. Jonathan Butler was perfect for this role like virtuoso guitarist and like brilliant vocalist.
Musician was extremely surprised when in Borispol discovered that his music is well known in Ukraine. He was really surprised when he was even named compositions that are known for Ukrainian listeners. He was born in 1861 in Keyptown and was 12th child in the family. He knows what street life means. He started to play guitar from the age of 7 and started from 10 earned own money and helped his family. For his first single he got the Sarie award – equivalent of Grammy in South Africa.  In 1975 Jonathan moved to London where he has been stayed for seventeen years. There his friends made him an artist in prestigious recording company "Jive Record".
In early 80th about this talented musician from Africa started to talk such stars like George Benson, Millie Jackson, Joe Sample, Marcus Miller. He is an author of 8 solo albums and his CDs very and very popular around the world.